Final Cut

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Ending my Illafresh page and solely dedicating myself to MOVE ME PHOTOGRAPHY also here on WordPress. Follow and share all my adventures. If you haven’t seen it already, here’s the address


RIP Eyedea

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Respect – an obviously deep soul… on to the next chapter man.





Very good interview Pt. 1 see the rest on Youtube


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Electric Wire Hustle – Walk On ft. Stacy Epps


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“for real it’s time to create”

Swede – Embrace the Chill


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It’s a rainy day and I’ve been waiting for fall, now it’s hear FULL FORCE. Can’t help but listen to Love songs. Love this groove

Donald Byrd Ft. Isaac Hayes – Feel like loving you today


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Vindahl – Head over heels ft. Coco

LB Aquarium with fam

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I know I know… she’s the cutest kid you’ve ever seen. ┬áhaha

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