Missing Link

I was clearing out bookmarks today that I never use. I came across this blog site:   http://www.ignoredprayers.blogspot.com/?zx=6efe08d2fc646db5


I have NO idea where it came from, I’m 99% sure it wasn’t me that added it to my browser. But damnet I’m glad it’s there. Hilarious finds. One thing I appreciate about blogs, is the ability to share fucked up humor and not be judged.


Free Speech is my best friend.


To sum up my weekend.. RIDONKULOUS. My bday is today and i’m thankful nobody has invited me to do anything for once. HAHA. I’m a zombie. Photo updates to come, so many to sort through.


~ by Move Me Photography on March 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Missing Link”

  1. umm… dorko.. i gave you that link!!
    Ignored Prayers is my boy’s blog updated on the daily with awesomeness

  2. hahaha. OHHHHH damn I was wondering where it came from. I didn’t know I saved it on my home comp. I freakin love it. Finally have time to actually look at what’s on there. Some epic stuff for sure.

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