I haven’t listened to the radio in 5 years. Aside from your occasional Laker Game (series games only) and ONE Radio station that never lets me down. KCRW, if you don’t already know, generated in southern california is a huge supporter or unique, independent, and hard to find joints and jams. They literally play EVERY genre of music you can think of, strictly prohibiting the mainstream BS forced into your head on rotation making you sick until you get vertigo. Yah, u know what i’m talkin about. 

Aside from my 2 favorites, Jeremy Sole and Garth Trinidad, this station has so many other shows to offer. Check the site for a stream list and start listening today. Who said you need a radio to catch some good ish. They also have plenty of events going on in the socal community to get you out and about.

Why I haven’t come across it before.. I have no idea, but Garth Trinidad has an amazing DIG (blog) and if your looking for inspiration towards your next playlist… he has the answers. 

Enjoy and keep music close to your heart. It will always take you back to the good times, no matter how tough they are now.


~ by Move Me Photography on June 26, 2009.

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