Peanut is like Buttah

This past tour of PB Wolf… the sure to be infamous “999” tour, definitely left it’s mark with me. While plenty of the events took place in the LA area, the I.E. and Orange County were lucky to have his presence. One night took him to Sevilla’s for Mondays event MOREFIRE in Riverside, I was working and not able to catch his set. Although my homey RICK made it a daily duty to hit up every single show! THANKS FOR MAKING ME LOOK BAD BTW.  You can check alot of his videos here.

Tuesday rolled around and his set at Continental Room was long awaited…. literally I stood in the same spot for 3 hours just to take pictures. While every night was in a different area code, PBWolf didn’t play any song twice and was accompanied by a projector and screen showing and playing all 90’s MUSIC, not just hip hop. I truly am glad I did not miss this. It was epic and undeniably one of my favorite shows. Enjoy the pics. More to come ….


~ by Move Me Photography on September 14, 2009.

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