J. Edwards Project

I’ve had the pleasure of being named the “Papermatez” photographer by creator J. Edwards. Not only is that an honor but a challenge. It’s hard telling paper figures/creations/people how to pose (whatever you do, don’t call them dolls… they HATE IT).

Coming up in an issue of I.E. Weekly will be an article (late feb, early march) about Mr. Edwards and his creations. Those photos of mine will be presented as well… SWEEEEEEEEEET!!!! With a recent show at Pomona’s EK5 Gallery as well as 2 upcoming shows in the I.E. and LA area.. he’s on the road to great things. The PaperMatez project has been a vision for some time now. Struggles and triumphs as many artists know come with the territory. With several streetwear collaborations (EK5, Soulful Commando, The publics, etc) a TWEET (TWIT???) bird, Barney Rubble, Gumby, as well as other characters all blessed with kicks and real laces … there’s something for everyone and the possibilities for J. Edwards are endless.

Keep a lookout for the article coming, I’ll keep you posted.


~ by Move Me Photography on January 20, 2010.

One Response to “J. Edwards Project”

  1. His work is amazing. It’s incredible how he creates such images by manipulating paper.

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