KT’s “before she pops” photos

Took some pictures of my friend KT who is damn near DONE with this pregnancy. I swear that kid just doesn’t want to come out yet. Anyway, here are a couple images. Not my best work, considering the sun was SO harsh that day. She was a trooper though!!! I’ll get some better images once the baby is here. YAAAAY!!


~ by Move Me Photography on January 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “KT’s “before she pops” photos”

  1. try stopping down to f11, ISO100, 1/125 shutter. still nice photos.

  2. you could even use a diffused flash during the day to brighten up the highlights in the shade.

  3. Thanks.. I did the diffuser, the sun was INSANELY hot and bright though. I haven’t done many portrait shots so I’m learning. Thanks for the input, I’ll def try those settings for my next attempt.

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