8 freeways and a penis puppet

This last weekend could easily be one of the best of the year so far. A good friend of mine is going on a trip and won’t be around for my bday. He scored some tickets to a show at El Rey Theatre on Friday and took me along. I have the best homeys in the land I do have to say so. Opening group was The Bird & the Bee. Never heard of them before and they blew me off my feet. Lead singer Inara came out and to my surprise.. she’s somewhere around 8 months pregnant and damn near ready to pop.  She has to be the cutest person I’ve ever seen with a very unique and sultry voice.

They have an upcoming album which covers all Hall & Oates tracks, with great artistry I might add. To our surprise halfway through the show, they bring out John Oates to play several songs. The collab was phenominal… I’m a HUUUUGGGEEE H&O fan. Needless to say I was exstatic.

After the show I go to the restroom, as I’m leaving I blow right by Mr. Oates himself. Stop dead in my tracks, and say the dumbest but simplest thing I could think of.. “oh snap, your amazing… can i take a picture with you?”

Afterwards was a bar hopping session that left me speechless and driving home (sounds about right when I kick it with Ron). I came up on my 2 new road dawgs though, best bday gift. Thanks man.

Next day rolled out to Curry House with CEEJAY.. My girl. Had the best day. DROVE EVERYWHERE on the west side of LA. From LA->Weho->LA->glendale->burbank->chinatown->my house in Ontario.

Curry House, Pretzels, mall walkin, target shoppin, lomography store peepin, willy and joey meeting, attempt to see ALice inwonderland that was sold out, Chinatown to hit up boombox, saw some other friends, met some new ones, Won KOK and then HOME. PHEW, I can honestly say I’m TIRED and my legs hurt, but my smile is big and my heart is full.


~ by Move Me Photography on March 8, 2010.

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